Spare Parts

Here you will find original spareparts for your Flexofold sailboat propellers.
Anodes, screws, nuts, pivot pins, covers etc. can all be bought factory direct.

Please click on the category related to the spare parts you need. Photos and descriptions will guide you to the right part for your folding propeller.
Below each product, you will find related spare parts – or parts that you might need too when servicing your propeller.

All Flexofold propellers are supplied with screws pre-applied with a special Loctite that can be used for mounting above as well as under water.

Kindly note, that if a screw has been dismounted, new Loctite must be applied before re-use of the screw.

Make sure to use a middel strong Loctite or similar.

For further details, please download the mounting instruction for your specific propeller or feel free to contact us directly.

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