SLC | Line Cutter – Zinc Anode

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SLC is a brand new, patent- pending concept, a line cutter with a zinc anode that protects your propeller from entanglement even as it offers corrosion protection to your marine vessel. It has been scientifically designed and engineered, and has been manufactured according to the highest industry specifications. It brings you all the benefits associated with a zinc anode.


SLC is comprised of a zinc anode body assembly that is fitted with high-performance, durable stainless steel cutting blades. These blades have been tested on virtually every entanglement that threatens your marine vessel.

Once installed, the zinc anodes on SLC begin to demonstrate their corrosion protection qualities immediately.
The anode will also gradually reduce in size over the next few weeks. When the anodes reach a particular percentage of their original size, you simply need to extract the entire assembly and replace it with a new one.


You don’t have to be a professional installation expert to mount the SLC assembly to your vessel. This unit comprises two halves that fasten around the shaft. These halves can be tightly secured with a simple flat head or Allen key head retaining screws. The inner radius is so designed that it enables the sacrificial anode to secure firmly to the shaft and eliminate the risk of spinning under pressure.
SLC can be installed at the aft of the boat’s strut between the prop and strut or cutlass bearing. Alternatively, it can be installed on either side of the strut for enhanced protection



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