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These terms and conditions are intended to define the contractual commercial relations www.seaviewprogress.com site operated by SARL SEAVIEW PROGRESS headquartered Zi Capitou , 85 Avenue Louis Lépine, 83600 Frejus FRANCE (RCS 2007B82 - SIRET 49406810900011) , and its customers and prospects. Any order placed on the site www.seaviewprogress.com implies therefore a detailed reading of these terms and conditions and irrevocable and unconditional acceptance by each client. It recognizes accordingly , at the time of order, having been fully informed of the conditions of sale of the SARL SEAVIEW PROGRESS without his handwritten signature is required. SEAVIEW PROGRESS SARL reserves the right to modify without notice its terms and conditions . Unless written undertaking SARL SEAVIEW PROGRESS, no special provision from a customer or a third party representative can not rely on its terms and conditions .


The site e -commerce www.seaviewprogress.com sells quality products with the technical information necessary for their normal use practices. Each client may, if necessary, request any information he thinks he needs to complement . Technical specifications are subject to change without notice by suppliers SARL SEAVIEW PROGRESS without that it can not be held responsible. Consequently , diagrams and photographs relating to all products featured may not be contractual .


Selling prices of the products offered on the site are expressed and payable in Euros and excluding shipping costs . SARL SEAVIEW PROGRESS, subject to price changes its suppliers reserve the right to modify without notice its own selling prices .


Each product order implies acceptance of terms and conditions by the buyer and the subject of a written request by e -mail by SARL SEAVIEW PROGRESS confirmation . The client is advised , particularly the availability of the product or , where appropriate , a specific delivery time . Each order is of course within the limit of available stocks. SEAVIEW PROGRESS SARL reserves the right to refuse any order not to honor due to a defaulting supplier .


Orders are payable by credit card. The credit card payment is by PAYPAL or CM -CIC P @ yment  system. These encrypted systems guarantee the absolute security of the transaction. After authentication of the card through PAYPAL or CM -CIC P @ yment, the payment is made directly to our bank customer , without us having access to their private information. The anti -fraud system , 3D Secure , CM -CIC offers triple protection : The number of your credit card is entered on a secure page hosted by the bank , it is not given us the information of the transaction are fully encrypted (SSL ), the card number is never printed entirely on invoice slips payment . If applicable , an additional verification procedure information regarding this payment may be imposed by our bank, in particular through the application of various elements of complementary identifications : IP address, confirmation of identity, proof of address etc. . Upon settlement of the order, the purchaser expressly acknowledges having all necessary to equal use of the means of payment authorizations. SARL SEAVIEW PROGRESS will in no case be held responsible for the fraudulent use of a credit card . SEAVIEW PROGRESS SARL reserves the right to cancel any order with a potential incident of payment: unidentified IP address, late payment, payment authorization denied, incomplete regulation, etc. .


The order is confirmed after the full payment . Every customer is notified by email of the confirmation of the order , its implementation and its delivery . Delivery is made to the address specified by the customer . It undertakes to bear all the consequences , particularly financial , of a possible error in the delivery address : flight , return, forwarding , etc. . To the extent possible, in almost all cases , orders are shipped by post or by courier , with tracking number . SARL SEAVIEW PROGRESS is otherwise under no circumstances be held liable for any consequential delay for an incident generated by post or by the carrier itself, they are one or the other charge or not : strike, force majeure etc. . Important: All deliveries must be a delivery signed by the customer who must keep a copy. The customer expressly agrees to check the status of his order upon receipt. In case of parcels damaged by a carrier, the damage observed by the client must be stated in writing on the delivery note , then be communicated within 24 hours to the SARL SEAVIEW PROGRESS. Attention: Customer is responsible before the law for acceptance of delivery.[/two_fourth][two_fourth_last] Verbal reservations are ineffective in case of dispute , as written fuzzy or vague reserves. In the case of a product whose packaging is damaged and if the driver does not want to admit it, the customer must refuse delivery . The client must also confirm to the incident carrier delivery within 24 hours by registered letter with return receipt , enclosing a copy of the delivery note with its written reservations. In case of damaged package by post , a special procedure exists, directly from factor or stop : the finding of spoliation.

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Any non-conforming delivery to the same order must be reported within 24 hours to the SARL SEAVIEW PROGRESS by e- mail or phone number so that a Return Authorization him being affected. In case of error SARL SEAVIEW PROGRESS , exchange and delivery costs are dependent . Warning: may not be returned , provided with a return authorization number , as products in their original packaging and unused so they can be relisted for sale . SARL SEAVIEW PROGRESS will in no case take a damaged product, the protective film has been removed or to which the blister or packaging has been opened .


Accordance with the law (Article L. 121-20 of the Consumer Code ) each customer has a legal right of withdrawal 7 days from the date of delivery to return a product purchased without having to give reasons or to pay penalties, except for return shipping costs . Caution: Not to be withdrawal a product in its original packaging and unused so it can be relisted for sale . SARL SEAVIEW PROGRESS will in no case take a damaged product, without its data sheet without warranty certificate blank , the protective film has been removed or to which the blister or packaging has been opened ; or a product which is the subject of a quote or a specific customization preventing the necessity resale. The return of a product, in case of exercising the right of withdrawal, will be at the customer's choice of an exchange, a credit or a refund will be made within 30 days by check.


All products offered for sale on the website www.seaviewprogress.com receive a warranty of their manufacturer. The duration of this warranty and scope vary from product to product and are indicated for each product. The warranty return a defective product must be requested in advance from the SARL SEAVIEW PROGRESS so that a return authorization number is assigned to him . No returns are allowed without prior agreement. No repairs by the customer himself or repairer of choice is permitted without prior written consent of the SARL SEAVIEW PROGRESS. The back of each product must be in its original packaging with all components and invoice. Defective product will be returned to the manufacturer , case by case , decide on its repair or replacement. By definition, are excluded from the manufacturers warranty : improper or incorrect use of the products , the non- respect of the specific use of certain products and the products which were the subject of a technical intervention for diagnosis or for attempted repair by the customer himself or by a third party or not professional and not approved in writing by the SARL SEAVIEW PROGRESS. The customer buys , installs and uses the products offered by SARL SEAVIEW PROGRESS responsibly, competently and knowingly . SARL SEAVIEW PROGRESS can not be held responsible for non- hidden brought to its attention by the manufacturers themselves, nor for any consequences that these hidden defects could generate products vices. SARL SEAVIEW PROGRESS can not be held responsible , civil or criminal , direct or indirect consequences of an installation or misapplication or improper use of products sold on the website www.seaviewprogress.com


All products offered on the site remain the exclusive and elusive property of SARL SEAVIEW PROGRESS until the full collection of their prices and their shipping


In case of dispute , the Tribunal de Commerce de Fréjus is the sole authority.


Accordance with the Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978 , each customer has a right to rectification and deletion of computer data held by the SARL SEAVIEW PROGRESS in their commercial relations. SARL SEAVIEW PROGRESS agrees to sell under any free or paid computer data of its customers or prospects to a third form.


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