TEF-GEL is a watertight anticorrosive & electrolytic protection which prevents the blooming of metal and also reliably prevents corrosion from galvanic flows between unequal metals. In all places where refined metals come into contact with less refined metals (e.g. aluminium with special steel), a small amount of TEF-GEL suffices to prevent galvanic exchange of electrons and subsequent corrosion.
Assemble your bolted connections with TEF-GEL and every connection is easy to disconnect even after intensive use in sea water. The same also applies to corrosive locking of set screws, shroud clamps or other bolted connections.
Tef-Gel applied to both mating surfaces of nuts and bolts or threaded holes and bolts leaves a layer of 40% solid PTFE within the thread interface, which works as friction barrier.
Tef-Gel, which contains 0% volatile solvents, will no evaporate, cold flow, or dry out, giving protection many years later when hardware must be dissembled. It protects connections of various metals, and screw connections are kept workable permanently.

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