ustom Mounting Solutions

Seaview can custom fabricate a mount specific to your personal design and needs. Our expert design team can turn your ideas into a reality. By utilizing our experience, skills and software we can provide you with the ability to visualize your design with multiple viewing angles using interactive 3-D models. Costly mistakes can be avoided and difficult to foresee aesthetic decisions can be made prior to fabrication. With our experienced team of fabricators and well equipped facility we can handle whatever project you bring our way. It is our guarantee that our work will be done with quality in mind. Artistic design and functionality partnered with technology based fabrication is groundwork for excellence in our products.

Model #57

Model #57 was made for a government vessel that needed to install a specialized spotlight and a FLIR thermal camera on the same mount. The height was determined to allow for the camera to see over the hardtop and view directly in front of the bow. Behind the FLIR camera there is post that holds an LED anchor/navigation light.

Model #60

Model #60 was designed for a government vessel and needed to be able to withstand heavy seas and incorporate a hinged base. The hinge design uses a pair of locking stainless clamps that are designed to safely hold up to 700 lbs each. The base uses a studded backing plate that is secured with nuts when the mast is upright. This mast was designed to hold a radar and an assortment of accessories, but like with any Seaview custom the design can be changed to fit your specific needs.

Model #63

Model #63 is a custom built lightbar that attaches to our stock PMADM2M2 dual mount for a trawler that needed a mounting platform for an anchor light, FLIR camera, steaming light, KVH dome, and open-array radar.

Model #66

This mast supports 24" Garmin radar + RCL-100 LED searchlight + steaming/anchor light(s) + GPS/weather/Sirius radio antennas + small LED spreader lights -Attwood LED 7800 series

Model #70

Model #70 was custom built for a Contest 52MC. It uses an internally installed electric actuator to hinge back in scenarios when clearance is an issue. 
Seaview Custom Mount #73
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Model #73

Model #73 is a manual hinging base to allow up to a 24" satellite dome or a radar to fold back to clear height restrictions under bridges or mooring in a boat house. The integrated waterproof Cable Seals provide a water tight seal where the cable enter the deck.

Model #82

Model #82 is a tapered mast with spreaders installed on M/Y Sensation. Installed by Kenneth Riddle & Nick Cambron with Sick Speed Marine Electronics. KVH V30 + FLIR M332 + GPS + B&G Wind Sensors + Navigation light

Model #58

Model #58 was designed with the goal of moving the radar up 8' to clear the bimini top, and to also safely clear the crew on deck. We added spreaders for additional accessories like GPS, and used our modular top design so the mast would remain relevant for many years to come, even if the electronics might change. A mid-hinge was implemented to keep within the height restriction of the covered slip, and a bumper was added to hold the radar in place when hinged over. The hinge design uses a pair of locking stainless clamps that are designed to hold up to 700 lbs each safely. Adjustable supports were then added in order to brace the lower half of the mast against a fixed rail for added strength.

Model #61

Model #61 is a vertical mount made with gussets and high strength materials to accommodate the heavy weight of the satellite dome.

Modèle #64

Model #64 is a custom built dual mount with a hinge just above the lower mounting platform. This allows for the FLIR camera and anchor light to hinge over while keeping the open-array radar in its original position. The hinge design uses a single locking stainless clamps that is designed to safely hold up to 700 lbs.

Model #71

Model #71 was custom built in black for a 2006 84' Lazzara. The Seaview mast accommodates the following equipment : 6 Foot Garmin Open Array Radar Antenna + FLIR M324 Thermal Camera + GPS Antennas + VHF Antennas + Perko "A" Series Navigation Lights + Kahlenberg Horn + PA speaker
Seaview Custom Mount #74
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Model #74

Model #74 is a heavy duty gusseted mount made to raise an open array radar 10" off of an existing arch. Open array radars typically have a 20° beamwidth, so raising the radar 10" allowed an unobstructed path in all directions of the vessel, while keeping the beam a safe distance from passengers and crew.
Seaview Custom Mount #71
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Model #77

Model #77 is a custom mast made for Riveira Yachts in Australia. The mast is the home of a Furuno open array radar, a Furuno closed dome radar, a Furuno SC33, a windvane, 2 gps antennae, and navigation lights. This custom mast was powder-coated black to match Riveira's black superstructure.

Model #80

Model #80 is a hinged mast made for the list of electronics below going on an Endeavour TrawlerCat 48. Full story can be found here. Garmin radar + Three Poynting 402 LTE/3G antennas + Two Poynting 496 2.4/5Ghz WiFi antennas + Airmar WX220 ultrasonic weathervane + Vesper Cortex GPS (dedicated GPS for the AIS system) + Shakespeare SiriusXM Antenna (could also put it on the roof somewhere else, but I want as much room for Solar as I can manage)

Model #59

Model #59 was designed for a small research vessel that had bridge clearance restrictions. The mast will clear the front of the cabin when hinged over, keeping the overall profile of the vessel compact.  The hinge design uses a pair of locking stainless clamps that are designed to hold up to 700 lbs each safely. Spreaders were added for antenna options while a platform was added just above the radar for GPS. One last antenna was placed behind the top platform which was designed to hold a FLIR thermal camera.

Model #62

Model #62 is a telescoping pole mount that uses an electric actuator mounted internally to raise and lower the top half with a 37" throw. This offers a solution when the antenna needs to sit higher at anchor in order to have a clear view of the Southern sky. This telescoping pole is mounted on M/V Thea Foss from Seattle, WA.

Model #65

Model #65 is a custom made mast mount that picks up the rake and taper of a very unique wooden trawler mast. While the overall design looks simple, this piece is actually completely personalized for the vessel. This custom mast mount was featured in the Pacific NW Boater comprehensive review video of the Furuno First Watch Wireless Radar.

Model #69

Model #69 was produced for projects where the base of the dual mount must sits just aft of an existing hatch or obstacle.The camera mount can be made to any height necessary during production in order to make for a clear range of vision for the camera. 

Model #72

Model #72 is being installed on a Fleming 65. This mast has a customized taper and foil to compliment the lines of the Fleming Yachts.

Model #75

Model #75 was made to mount an open array radar with a spot light, a FLIR camera, a steaming/anchor/navigation light combo, and two VHF antennae. This particular mast was built custom for a customer in Thailand. Seaview custom mounts are an economical solution for vessels all around the world. 

Model #81

Model #81 is a tapered mast with spreaders on a Tiara Yacht. Furuno 4' Open Array Radar + FLIR MD + Furuno SCX20 satellite compass + Hella Lights

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