Modular Dual Mounts

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Install your satdome above your radar using a Seaview Dual Mount. Doing this ensures maximum performance out of your electronics and eliminates radar interference. The bottom mounting plate is pre-drilled to fit all closed dome radars. Oval hollow mast section allows for easy cable management.

A Seaview Modular Top Plate is required and sold separately :
STEP 2 Find Your Modular Top Plate

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Seaview Part Number Dimensions
PMA-DM1-M2 Download
PMA-DM124-M2 Download
PMA-DM2-M2 Download
PMA-DM3-M1 Download

Dual Mount Fitting Guide

Dual Mount Part # Height Fits These Electronics
PMA-DM1-M2 13.25″ 18″ – 24″ closed dome radars

16″ – 24″ satdomes


PMA-DM124-M2 33″ 18″ – 24″ closed dome radars

16″ – 18″ satdomes


PMA-DM2-M2 23.75″ Up to 4.5′ open array radars
PMA-DM3-M1 27.75″ Up to 4.5′ open array radars

16″ – 18″ satdomes


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