Frequently Asked Questions

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Fendertex® Fenders are manufactured in France.

Yes. All fenders are inflated to 350mb for 48 hours before delivery.                 

The fender is recyclable and the French production facility meets REACH standards.

Yes. Custom fenders are available using the following guidelines:

  • Minimum length: 500mm (19.66 Inches) / Maximum length: No maximum
  • Minimum diameter: 220mm (8.66 Inches) / Maximum diameter: 1500mm (59.05 Inches)


Both a rigid and elastic polyester are used.                  

No, but salt can. The Fendertex® fender is made of a textile specifically designed to not retain salt.

We use a highly durable dying process; every filament of the thread is tinted before being spun into yarn. This allows the fender to retain the color for many years.

Not at the moment although we are currently working on making this feature available.

Alternatively, you can add the boat name or logo to the following:

  • Embroidered on the neck retention strap or on the suspension strap located at the bottom of the threshing baffle
  • By adding a customizable cover


Tubular Fender

References T52 T73 T84 T104 T124 T145
Minimum Pressure 300 mb 300 mb 300 mb 350 mb 350 mb 350 mb

Cylindrical Fender

References C52 C73 C84 C104 C124 C145 C175 C207 C248
Minimum Pressure 300 mb 300 mb 350 mb 350 mb 350 mb 350 mb 350 mb 400 mb 400 mb

Spherical Fender

References S60 S70 S80 S100 S120
Minimum Pressure 300 mb 350 mb 350 mb 350 mb 350 mb
  • The collar of the fender must be rounded.
  • The retention strap must be tight and not be able to move.
  • The collar must become rigid and must not be able to bend.

The fender is designed to withstand temperature variations without needing to manually inflating or deflating. The elastic thread located on the top and bottom of the fender will manage the air volume by expanding or shrinking the fender size, allowing the air pressure to remain constant.

No. A manual pump can be used for models C52 / C73 / S60 as the fender is inflated at low pressure. For the other sizes an electric pump is recommended.

The fender can be inflated with air and clean water. To provide ballast, when the fender is deflated add 0.26 gallon (1 liter) of fresh water through the inflation valve and inflate to proper pressure.

Yes. The fenders can be fastened by purchasing the Sheathed Reinforced Long Side Ring. Alternatively, the use of a Long Side cover equipped with 2 handles will work.

The shape of the fenders does not allow the D-rings to contact the hull. Care should be taken when handling the fender, and impact resistant, sheathed D-rings are also available.


Polyurethane. This material has a very low porosity and is able to keep the fender inflated at the same pressure for several months.

Cylindrical Fender Internal Pressure Resistance To Compression
C52 : 500 / 220 mm 0.7 bar / 10.15 psi 2,000 kg
C73 : 700 / 250 mm 0.8 bar / 11.60 psi 3,000 kg
C84 : 800 / 300 mm 0.8 bar / 11.60 psi 4,700 kg
C104 : 1,000 / 340 mm 0.8 bar / 11.60 psi 6,000 kg
C124 : 1,200 / 360 mm 0.8 bar / 11.60 psi 7,800 kg
C145 : 1,400 / 490 mm 0.8 bar / 11.60 psi 9,000 kg
C175 : 1,700 / 560 mm 0.8 bar / 11.60 psi 12,000 kg
C270 : 2,000 / 700 mm 0.8 bar / 11.60 psi 16,000 kg
C248 : 2,400 / 950 mm 0.8 bar / 11.60 psi 20,000 kg

The Fendertex® fender can perform in temperatures ranging from -30°C (-22°F) to +130°C (266°F)

The portion of the fender that comes in contact with the hull and the dock is knitted with rigid wire which is highly resistant to friction. When docking on an abrasive dock the use of a cover is required.


It is the air chamber of the fender; it serves only to retain air in the textile chamber.

Polyurethane. This material has a very low porosity and is able to keep the fender inflated at the same pressure for several months.


All Fendertex® equipment is machine washable at 40°C, including the complete fender.

Yes. Machine washing at 40°C once a year is recommended. You should also rinse your fenders with clean water regularly.


The fender is guaranteed in the event of a manufacturing defect or the discoloration of the textile portion of the fender.                    

The fender is guaranteed for 3 years.                     

Please contact us for repair options.


4,500 boats from 23' to 469' (September 2019).

The largest sailing yacht, the White Pearl Sailing Yacht A, 468.5'- 14,992 tons.
largest motor yacht, the White Pearl Motor Yacht A, 390.4'- 15,146 tons.

Yes. Outremer Catamaran, Beneteau Group, Lagoon and CNB to name a few.


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