PSS Type B seal

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PSS Type B seal For 100mm to 150mm (4″ to 6″) Shafts diameter
Use the selector below to find the correct PSS Shaft Seal for you. You will need to know your shaft diameter and the outside diameter of your stern tube (shaft log).


The PSS Shaft Seal is the #1 selling marine mechanical seal worldwide and is installed as standard equipment by many of the worlds most reputable boat builders and boat yards. The PSS Shaft Seal is also recognized as the premiere retrofit (aftermarket) seal on the world market. Boat builders and boat yards recognize the advantages and value of installing the PSS as it eliminates the maintenance, constant adjustment & cost associated with traditional packing type glands. Aside from these benefits, the PSS Shaft Seal helps to eliminate water in the bilge (100% water tight) & wear to the propeller shaft.


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