Aft Leaning Mounts

From 498.91 

Seaview 5″ and 12″ tall aft leaning mounts for thermal cameras and search lights. Powder coated brilliant white gives it a nice clean look and yet is very durable. Specifically designed for installations where space is very limited. The base for this mount is 7″ x 7″.



Cable Management

A hollow oval mast section provides plenty of room for cable management.

Space Saving Design

The small 7″x 7″ base foot print makes this a great solution to an installation where space is an issue.


Part #  A B C D E
PMA-5FMT-7 5.25″ 7″ 70° 5″ 0.5″
PMA-5FSL-7 5.25″ 7″ 70° 5″ 0.5″
PMA-12FMT-7 12.75″ 7″ 70° 5″ 0.5″
PMA-12FSL-7 12.75″ 7″ 70° 5″ 0.5″


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