Accurate Tank Tender soundings have never been easier.


Before Tank Tender, you had to rely on an old-fashioned dip stick, site glass or electric float gauge to check the level of your boat's fuel, water or holding tank. Not anymore.
Tank Tender provides extremely accurate readings for up to ten tanks. Without electricity. Without leaving the bridge. Without a doubt.
Tank Tender operates on air pressure. Select the tank, then pump a small amount of air through tubing to the bottom of the tank.
When the air pressure in the tube equals the liquid pressure at the bottom of the tank, the gauge displays this pressure in inches of liquid.

Tank Tender's features include:

  • It's convenient : Monitor the levels in all tanks with instrument.
  • It's easy to use : You can select a tank to measure and get an accurate measurement from the bridge in two or three seconds.
  • It's simple to install : The average 4-tank system takes about an hour. And there's nothing to wire.
  • It's surprisingly inexpensive : Tank Tender costs much less than other industrial systems offering similar accuracy and reliability, and only slightly more than conventional electric gauges.