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4 blades Ecowind propeller

The all new Max-Prop ECOWIND propeller is a true revolution in propulsion technology for sailboats. The patented spring based design drives the propeller pitch automatically to its optimum position according to the load. When the boat is accelerating the pitch flattens to allow the engine RPM’s and boat speed to increase quickly. Progressively as the vessel gets up to speed and the load decreases, the pitch increases. The result, compared to a fixed pitch propeller is more boat speed with the same RPM’s, or the same boat speed at a lower RPM.
The Max-Prop ECOWIND is four blade propeller designed to combine maximum efficiency and perfect balance (no vibrations). As an added feature the Max-Prop ECOWIND uses a pitch adjustment ring which allows you to tune the propeller pitch exactly to your boat and engine combination. Because the Max-Prop ECOWIND adjusts to the
loads in play, it will never “overload” the engine and will respect the engine manufacturer required RPM’s.
FEATURES: Higher top speed cruising in calm conditions:
The light load on the propeller allows the pitch to increase and the result is a higher speed at a given RPM.
Higher top speed in rough conditions:
The heavy load forces the propeller pitch to decrease, letting the engine increase its RPM resulting in more power in the water, meaning more boat speed.
Much lower fuel consumption (at any speed below hull speed):
At cruising speed, the pitch adjusts to the load. This almost always results in a lower engine RPM at a given speed, without overloading the engine, resulting in a much lower fuel consumption.
Extended range under power (due to the lower fuel consumption):
An important feature for ocean passages. The ECOWIND can increase your fuel range by up to 30%.
Better acceleration:
As a boat at rest needs a lot of power to accelerate, the ECOWIND reduces the pitch during the acceleration process resulting in more power, and better acceleration. Acceleration in itself is not important for a sailboat but the extra power at low speed helps while maneuvering.
Much less engine noise at cruising speed:
The fact that the engine runs at lower RPMs at cruising speed translates into much lower engine noise.
Very easy installation:
The installation of the Max-Prop ECOWIND is very simple. The propeller is delivered assembled. Just slip the hub on the shaft, thread and tighten the nut, thread the two, lock screws for the nut, install the zinc anode (3 screws), and it is done!
Fine tune the pitch:
If your engine achieves either too much or too little RPM at max throttle, just turn the pitch adjustment ring to a higher or lower setting to attain the correct RPM (no special tools are required).
Low drag:
Just like other Max-Prop propellers, the ECOWIND feathers to a low drag position while sailing.
Available from 14” to 32”
For shafts 1” to 2” or metric equivalent Also available for a SailDrive.

  • Max Prop Zinc Anode, 63 & 90 Hub
  • Grease tube of 10 oz / 283g
  • Grease gun
  • Zerc Riser
  • Grease kit