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3 Blade Classic propeller


The original Max-Prop propeller was designed in the early 70’s for the high tech race boat
market. Since proving itself in the racing arena, the Classic Max-Prop has earned
its way into the mainstream market as the leader in low drag propellers. Today
you will find the Classic Max-Prop on a wide range of vessels from modest 25
foot daysailers to 150 foot classic schooners. While satisfying the racer with low drag, its efficiency under power in both forward and reverse will keep cruisers
happy too.
With regards to performance under power, both two and three blade propellers
will power the boat well in flat water. The three blade has a major advantage
when going against heavy winds and seas, it will maintain the boat speed up to
30% better than the two blade. Moreover, a three blade propeller will run much
smoother and reduce vibrations as it is balanced around three points as opposed
to two.
With its unsurpassed thrust performance ability in both forward and reverse, the
Classic Max-Prop has become a legend among the sailing community.


Available from 11” to 48”
For shafts 3/4” to 3 ½” or metric equivalent

Also available for a SailDrive

  • Max Prop Zinc Anode, 63 & 90 Hub
  • Screw kit (+ inox split pins) 63
  • Grease tube of 10 oz / 283g
  • Grease gun
  • Zerc Riser
  • Grease kit
  • set of 2 secure pins